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I am a lifelong resident of Washington State and a graduate of the University of  Washington. My education includes Art, Architecture, and Interior Design. In addition  to my education I began my career in retail with a major department store chain. My position as a buyer in the merchandising office created a broad base of business  knowledge. The responsibility for a purchasing budget of several million dollars for  thirty stores would be the foundation on which I would build my own business. After much work and planning, I opened Corporate Travel Service. My multi-million dollar  travel agency became one of the most successful agencies in Seattle, catering to the business traveler. In 1996 I sold my agency, which became a part of the American Express Travel Group. Over the ensuing years I have been a General Contractor, building and/or renovating houses and marketing them for sale. Having this personal  experience and my lifelong residency in Washington, I am well informed of the market trends and changing cycles of our local Real Estate. With the experience and  knowledge in hand, it was a natural transition to my career in Real Estate in 2000. 

My past careers and education have laid a solid foundation for my present position as a professional Realtor with the RSVP Real Estate team. If you are "buying" a home  you can depend on my background knowledge of a home`s components and the  associated values. If you are "selling" a home, you can depend on the correct pricing and a comprehensive marketing plan. Do it once, do it right! After all the home you buy or sell is possibly the most important financial decision you will make. Together we can successfully realize your "Real Estate Goals". 

Ione McCarthy, RSVP Real Estate Inc

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